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Excerpta Medica is a medical communications agency, serving the global pharmaceutical industry with medical strategy consultancy and innovative medical communications programs. It combines scientific insights with best practices in communications to develop programs that are both engaging and impactful. Its services span two key areas:
Medical strategy: consultancy services that help clients make the right portfolio and brand decisions based on sound scientific evidence. This evidence is gathered using landscape analysis, reference framework development, scientific statement workshops, war gaming, and competitive intelligence.
Medical communications: services to effectively communicate new data to key audiences. These include scientific events, publication planning, enduring materials, web and mobile, medical training, and KOL mapping and engagement.

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The European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) represents national associations of medical specialists in the European Union and its associated countries. With a current membership of 35 countries, and operating through its 37 Specialist Sections and European Boards, the UEMS has been active at the European level since 1958 in order to promote the free movement of European medical specialists while ensuring the highest quality of medical care for European citizens.
For this purpose, the UEMS developed standards and policies in the key areas of postgraduate training; continuing medical education and professional development; and quality assurance in specialist practice. These principles serve as recommendations to encourage decision-makers as well as healthcare professionals to ensure appropriate mechanisms for safe specialist medical care across Europe.
Thanks to the creation of the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) in 2000, the UEMS succeeded in bringing together European national accreditation authorities to facilitate the cross-border recognition of quality assessments of educational events organized all over the world. The UEMS commits itself to ensuring that the highest quality standards of medical practice are applied throughout Europe for the benefit of European citizens.
For more information about UEMS, see http://www.uems.net

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